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Dr. Marshall and the hygienists are so nice and professional. They do a great job! The office is such a nice place...very clean and welcoming. So happy that I found such a great dentist!
Blake F.
Love Dr. Marshall and her staff. They are amazing. The atmosphere of the office is relaxed and very comfortable. They make you feel welcome and at home. On top of all of this her dentistry is top notch and she saved my teeth when others wanted suggested they be removed. My whole family now goes there. Highly recommended!
Kenn O.
The staff here is excellent, and Dr. Marshall is not only exceptionally proficient, but also caring and kind. My teeth actually matter to her; I’m not treated as a paycheck. I would recommend her office to anyone looking for dental care.
John G.
Very gentle and professional dentist. Is extremely dedicated to patient care.
Dr. Marshall epitomizes the word kindness. She has a soft heart for those in need and truly lives her faith. It is refreshing to meet someone that has not let the day to day business get in the way of her compassion. To top it all off, her skill in dentistry is unsurpassed. She works miracles on patients that have a fear of dentistry, and the outcomes provide these patients with a new outlook on life. Smiles are very important! She was recommended to me a few years ago by another medical professional, and I thank this person every day. It is one thing to be recommended by a patient, but when that patient is also a medical professional, it speaks volumes regarding her skills and compassion.
I have never In my life experienced the most Awsomest treatment. Dr. Tina Marshall and her Awsome team took care of my most sensitive dental problems. They are truly in tune with your feelings and comfort.There facility is the most friendliest and comfortable atmosphere I have ever seen. I would give them 10 stars if they would let me. Thank you for your great work everybody.You all are Amazing and truly wonderfull. I would recomended you to all my family and my best of friends.
Zachary M.
I had a wisdom tooth that came in very late and very abruptly, causing me radiating pain all up and down the side of my head. Within a few hours of my call (on her day off) she had coordinated an assistant to come in with her and take care of me. I highly recommend her and her staff, as the christian faith she so prominently displays comes through in the care they take of their patients.
Nathan K.
Dr. Tina and her staff are simply amazing. Our family of 5 have been patients for 3 1/2 years, since we moved to Michigan. Two of our boys are currently in braces, and our youngest is getting ready for braces. I’m petrified of dental work & unfortunately due to an illness when younger my teeth softened. Also, I still have 3 baby teeth; molars. Dr. Tina always calms me down and I have to get fairly major dental work fairly often. All of the staff is wonderful, they know our family and care for us. We feel welcome and comfortable. I absolutely adore them. Professional, kind, family dentist and handle children with struggles with grace and sweetness. Patients have a choice of a really nice prize after each visit & sign up for a monthly raffle with insanely wonderful prizes to pick from. Someone in our family has won the raffle at least 5 or 6 times. I truly do try to make the atmosphere enjoyable, comfortable and really fun with each of their dental rooms designed in different themes. We would not have another dentist!
Melissa G.
I just cannot say how wonderful everyone was. Dr. Marisa was so gentle and kind. had 4 shots didnt feel anything she was respectful i am older and dont like pain. she helped when my dentist let me down. love that place. you will too. they do go out of there way to be kind and patient with you. 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!
Vickie S.
My daughter and I went for cleanings together. The staff was very professional and kind! The care was great and the office cozy. Highly recommended!
Denise M.
I have been going to Dr. Marshall’s office for close to 10 years now. I have never had a poor experience at this office; in fact, they go out of their way to see you and help with the various issues. So much knowledge and compassion shown by Dr. Marshall and her staff.
Chris F.
Best dentist EVER! Dr. Marshall is so sweet! She cares a lot about each person and her hands are very gentle. She is laid back yet professional and she knows what she's doing. The office is clean and I love the atmosphere. 🙂 10 stars!!
Soyeon K.
Dr. Marshall is very sweet and professional! Her staff’s priority is that the patients are comfortable and satisfied with their visit. Our new family dentist. Highly recommend!
I have a very extreme irrational fear of the dentist from bad experiences from when I was a child. I walked into this office and knew I was in the right place. As long as I got to this dentist I will be ok with getting work done in the future. I almost fell asleep in the chair as they were working on me. Definitely recommend Tina Marshall to anyone looking for a dentist and when I have kids I would drive across the state to bring them to her. Awesome awesome awesome.
Best dental practice in town. Great Staff. Great Atmosphere. And Dr. Marshall is the best. They are always willing to go the distance for their customers. 5 stars do not due them Justice.
Andrew K.